[SQLServer JDBC Driver]Character set 437 not found in …

If you face the following error message when you try and connect with Microsoft SQL Server:

[SQLServer JDBC Driver]Character set 437 not found in <PATH OF SQL SERVER LIBRARY e.g. com.microsoft.util >

1) Locate the jar file: msutil.jar – search for it or look in the MS SQL Server Drivers directory.

2) Unjar the file using WinRar or 7zip and extract all the files.

3) Go to the util folder (if msutil is the main directory then the path to the util folder is:msutil\com\microsoft\util)

4) Within the util folder locate a file called: transliteration.properties

5) Open the file in notepade or similar text editor program and add the following:


6) Save the file and either redirect the class path to the unjared folder with the edited transliteration.properties file or jar the msutil and replace the old msutil.jar with the new msutil.jar containing the edited file.

The Door That Wouldn’t Open….

At work we have code-lock doors (doors with numeric keypad). So whenever you want to move from one area of the office to the other you have to pass through one or two code-locked doors.

The weird thing was that sometimes the door would open after entering the code once but most times I would get stuck and need the code to be re-entered.
One day, I was feeling bit frustrated and the doors were getting stuck again and again.
As I was re-entering the code, for the nth time that day, I thought ‘man what a day I am having, even the doors here are blocking my way today’.
Few days later as I entered the code and the door got stuck. This time instead of re-entering the code I just pushed the door firmly. To my amazement the door opened without requiring the code to be re-entered.
It made me realise that similar things happen in life with all of us. The same problems keep bugging us. We keep getting stuck. But we should never loose hope. Why? Because just like that door, if we just make ourselves strong and push through these little blocks on the road to life then all doors will open!