Fish Eye View

This is the personal blog of Azahar Machwe.

I am passionate about technology and using it to solve real world problems. This is the place to put those thoughts that keep me awake!

Latest from the Blog

World Mobile Token

Service coverage is a fundamental limitation for CSPs. If people cannot get good service coverage then it becomes harder for CSPs to sell their products. Service coverage cannot be expanded/improved without careful planning due to cost and logistic constraints. Currently service coverage planning is centralised and driven by various internal and external factors like regulation…More

Gameplaying in a Multi-Agent Environment (2): Exploration vs Exploitation

Most automatic game playing involves some sort of algorithm or model that can manage and use limited resources to attain the goal of the game without human guidance. The limited resource may be lives (e.g. Super Mario), playing pieces (e.g. Chess), number of turns or time. Usually we choose one or more actions which use…More

Gameplaying and Reinforcement Learning in a Multi-Agent Environment (1)

Gameplaying is no child’s play! Simple games can have deep tactical and strategic choices that can have a big impact on the end result. Modern board games include multiple different gameplay mechanics like dice rolling for probabilistic decision making, decision making under incomplete information, resource management and so on. They have now given way to…More

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