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This is the personal blog of Azahar Machwe.

I am passionate about technology and using it to solve real world problems. This is the place to put those thoughts that keep me awake at night!

Latest from the Blog

Time-series Forecasting

In my previous post I described how to setup time-series collections in MongoDB and run time-series queries on property transaction dataset. In this post I am going to showcase some data pipelines that use Mongo Aggregations and some time-series forecasts using TensorFlow and statsmodel libraries (as a comparison). Architecture Overview Using the AI-Infrastructure Alliance reference…

Time-series Data in MongoDB

In my previous post I took the England and Wales property sale data and built a Google Cloud dashboard project using Terraform. In this post I am going to use the same dataset to try MongoDB’s new time-series capabilities. This time I decided to use my personal server instead of on a cloud platform (e.g.…

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