Fish Eye View

This is the personal blog of Azahar Machwe.

I am passionate about technology and using it to solve real world problems. This is the place to put those thoughts that keep me awake at night!

Latest from the Blog

Machine Learning, Forgetting and Ignoring

The focus in AI is all about Machine Learning – training larger models with more data and then showcasing how that model performs on tests. This is testing two main aspects of the model: But no one is talking about the ability to forget information and to ignore information that is not relevant or out…

Controlling Expenses

Money worries are back. In response to rising inflation in the UK, Bank of England has been forced to increase the base rate to 4.25%. That is expected to squeeze demand in two ways: If you are worried about making money stretch till the end of the month then the first thing to do is:…

Generative AI in the Legal System

The Legal System is all about settling disputes. Disputes can be between people or between a person and society (e.g. criminal activity), can be a civil matter or a criminal one, can be serious or petty. Disputes end up as one or more cases in one or more courts. One dispute can spawn many cases…

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