Fish Eye View

This is the personal blog of Azahar Machwe.

I am passionate about technology and using it to solve real world problems. This is the place to put those thoughts that keep me awake at night!

Latest from the Blog

Generative AI in the Legal System

The Legal System is all about settling disputes. Disputes can be between people or between a person and society (e.g. criminal activity), can be a civil matter or a criminal one, can be serious or petty. Disputes end up as one or more cases in one or more courts. One dispute can spawn many cases…

Developing Complex Neural Networks in Keras

Most Keras examples show neural networks that use the Sequential class. This is the simplest type of Neural Network where one input gives one output. The constructor of the Sequential class takes in a list of layers, the lowest layer is the first one in the list and the highest layer the last one in…

Understanding ChatGPT

We know GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformers. But what does ‘Chat’ mean in ChatGPT and how is it different from GPT-3.5 the OpenAI large language model? And the really interesting question for me: Why doesn’t ChatGPT say ‘Hi’? The Chat in ChatGPT Any automated chat product must have the following capabilities, to do useful…

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