Life is a box…

Someone recently asked me how would I like my life to be.
I thought about it and replied that life was not a retaurant where you go and give your oder “I would like my life to be a bit spicy but go easy on the problems”.
If we could “order” our life then there would be no growth as who would wish for tough times and problems from which we can learn?

The next question was what do I want from life.

This led to a second insight about the nature of life. I realised that life was like an empty box. Whatever you put in is what you will come out. Also while there are things in the box they change (like all things in nature). Another important point is that while it is up to us what to put in the box and when to put it, we have no control over takin things out. The only guarantee is that things we put in will come out.

So choose wisely what you put into life!