“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” – Mahatma Gandhi

It is true that the impact of society is killing off these old concepts. If anyone lives by them they are thought to be idealistic. Day to day life is too tough to live by these concepts… or is it?

I think they are still valid today and that living by them has become even more important.

Speak no evil – in today’s world it means don’t spread rumors, don’t talk bad behind people’s back or create ill-will between people. Very easy to do in today’s age and very important as well! Why? Because most of the conflicts get more complicated when people do not think before they speak or think excessively before speaking.

Hear no evil – in today’s world it means to make up your own mind. Not to listen to things just because people are screaming them at you. If people come at you with an attitude of hate or anger, disregard it instead of replying. Be sure of yourself and your actions. Do not listen to people who preach hate and try to create divide. Remember the policy of divide and rule starts with hearing evil against yourself and the people around you.

See no evil – it means more than just closing your eyes to bad things. It means not tolerating bad things. If you see someone in trouble or something bad happening to them do not close your eyes… but go ahead and help them so that bad things are reduced in society.

The beauty of the saying is in the fact that it is quite subjective. Since bad/evil means different things to different people at different times. That is why, I say again, this saying remains valid even now.

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