India in the World


Was watching NDTV News the other day… the newsreader was talking about the recent successful test of Agni-III missile. He said ‘…we now have the capability to hit Tel Aviv and Beijing…

This statement made me sit up and pay attention to the rest of the story. It also made me smile.

While we might now have the capability to ‘hit’ Tel-Aviv and Beijing we are increasingly loosing the capability to take care of our huge population. A case in point is the much touted National Capital Region (NCR).

NCR was created to ‘distribute’ development in the area surrounding Delhi. But it has ended up being something out of a nightmare. It has broken all kinds of ‘bad’ records. From being dangerous for women to record levels of pollution.

It is weird that Delhi has been having water and power shortage for decades now. In fact as far back as my memory goes there have been powercuts especially during the summer. The situation is a hundred times worse in the greater NCR area. Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon and Faridabad.

People don’t seem to think this is anything big. Every year the same complaints. But no changes. No new development.
Yet we can now strike Tel-Aviv and Beijing.
Maybe the saying is correct that the best way of dealing with a dissatisfied population is to divert their attention. That is the funny bit about India. The way there is duality in everything. The best of brands and water shortages (but that is only for the poor and middle class folks).
I want to figure out what will bring change. What will get rid of this duality. What will ensure that we have clean drinking water alongside multi-national brands. Regular power supply to charge up our Nokia phones, Dell notebooks and Apple Ipods.
I will try to figure this out..


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