India: The one billion strong classroom…

The other day NDTV was showing Sonia Gandhi addressing a 50,000 strong crowd. Which made me realise that not only can she not speak decent Hindi but even her English has a strong Italian accent. Perfect for India where rapidly languages are loosing their purity.

Anyway,,, the way she was addressing the crowd reminded me of a teacher address a class of 10 year olds. As I was discussing this with a friend she happened to mention that yes and we bitch about them like kids talking about their teachers. Also that there are very few we actually like!

So if politicians are teachers and the Indian public the students then we have the largest classroom in the world with a class strength of 1 billion+!

The problem with this school is that no one knows what the curriculum is. Furthermore most teachers end up pulling down other teachers and proclaim what they are teaching is right.

Imagine, if, when you were in school your science teacher not only told you that your english teacher was an idiot but also told you what was being taught by that teacher was wrong! Imagine the confusion. Would you learn anything? Would there ever be any progress?

In this setting parents of the children are the international community. They come in and through money make the teachers dance to their tune.

The principle (the Prime Minister) is obviously living on a different planet!



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