The River of Life flows through my house….

Last few weeks I had been living alone in my shared house. So when someone came to stay here for a few weeks my mind went back to the people who had stayed in this house over the last four years that I have been living here.

Since I moved in here in July 2004, I have had more than 15 different housemates. Few stayed for a couple of weeks and few for a full year. This made me feel as if I am sitting on the banks of the river of life which flows through my house.

Often people stop for a while and interact with me. Then they move on. All the while I remain sitting on the banks, observing events unfolding around me. I the observer, them the observed. 🙂

But somewhere I feel that I don’t have much time left. My time on the bank is drawing to a close. When I am gone, someone else shall take my place and maybe for them I will be the passerby, who stops for a bit and then moves on.

Whatever happens, I know one thing. I have left my mark on the grassy banks of this broad and fast-flowing river. As the marks fade with time after I have left and the river of life changes its course erasing any trace of my presence, I shall have no regrets.

I shall know that I got this chance to sit by the river of life and observe the flow. 

I shall know it was but my destiny to rejoin it, as it flows.

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