Choices Within Choices

Life is full of choices.

I believe all our actions have a choice behind them.

There is nothing called circumstances. We can choose to be a slave to circumstance or not.

All choices have consequences.

All choices have choices within them.

An example:

You are at work, it is a 9-5 job and you have to stay in the office till 5pm. But you don’t feel like working and want to leave early. Most people would say that it is because of circumstances that you cannot leave the job early. If you did you could loose your job.

In my view that is a choice we  make. We choose to hold on to the job and obey the 9-5 rule. The choice is ours. The consequence of this choice is that we get stability in life.

There is a choice within this choice as well.

Holding on to the job could mean just holding on to it or it could mean doing it well. Choosing to leave early is a choice. We could choose to remain at work and do something (like write a blog!).

So remember… never curse your luck or your circumstances.

It is all down to the choices you make!

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