How important is the thumb to the ‘Thumb Generation’?

If you are wondering what the ‘Thumb Generation’ is – the answer is simple. We are the ‘Thumb Generation’! This term refers to the popularity of various electronic devices (like cellphones) which we operate using our thumbs. These devices have become an important part of our lives. Thus we are the ‘Thumb Generation’.

Obviously the thumb is VERY important (if not critical) to the ‘Thumb Generation’. How important it really is I discovered only recently.

Some time ago I managed to cut my thumb. The cut required a band-aid. This meant that the top half of my thumb was covered in a plastic band-aid for two-three days.

Now this is a fairly common thing to happen to anyone. But being a part of the ‘Thumb Generation’ it made things bit weird for me. Here is how:

 – Tried to use my touchscreen phone… the screen wouldn’t work because my thumb was covered by the band-aid!

– Tried to use the keypad on the mobile… thumb kept slipping because of the band-aid.

– Tried to play a video game but my thumb started hurting.

– I couldn’t even scratch my head!

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  1. Adita says:

    y do u need a thumb to sratch ur head…u can do so with ur fingers as well 😉


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