Indian Foreign Policy – Himesh Reshammiya Style

‘Jhalak dikhla jaa’ (show me a glimpse) is one of the most popular songs sung by Himesh Reshammiya.

These days India seems to be taking their foreign policy decisions based on the above song. Few days ago I saw a news item on NDTV which talked about how India was concerned that US was getting closer to Pakistan. The major reason for this was that over the last month or so the Indian Government had been busy with the General Elections. During that time Pakistan had been busy warming up to the new US administration.

When the Indian politicians suddenly woke up to this fact towards the end of the election process they appeared desperate to see a glimpse of US engagement and interest in India.

As one big drama ends the next one is about to begin, the Indian politicians are  singing ‘jhalak dikhlaa jaa’ for the new US President.

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