The Taliban within us all….

The other day I read a news item about the US forces killing 40 Taliban fighters somewhere in Afghanistan. A question came to my mind almost immediately: How many Taliban fighters are there out there? I always thought Afghanistan was a sparsely populated country. Where are all these people being killed coming from?

Then I realised a fundamental truth which I should have realised a long time ago: There is a piece of ‘Taliban’ within us all. ‘Taliban’ is more a thought process than the name of a terrorist, pro-radical-Islam organisation. We all have had ‘Taliban’ like thoughts of intolerence, hatred and sheer blind stupidity in our minds and hearts during our lives.

Every time we have ever shown intolerence for other religions, sexual preferences, skin-color, height, weight, language, region etc. is a time where our mind was thinking ‘Taliban thoughts’. Every time we ever acted without thinking, in the flow of negative emotions, we are allowing the Taliban fighter within us to take control. 

The dividing line between good and bad is very narrow and fuzzy.

Sometimes it only takes a gentle nudge to cross it and allow the ‘Taliban’ within us to guide our thoughts and hands.

At the same time we all have good within us. We all have a Buddha within us. We all are capable of love and care, both receiving and giving of it. Then let us try hard to bring out the Buddha within us.

Next time you feel like punching someone for any reason remember to throw away the Taliban in your thoughts and bring out the Buddha!

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