Changing TIBCO Messaging Encoding from ISO8859-1 to UTF-8

If your project has messaging encoding set to UTF-8 but your TIBCO Administrator is set to ISO8859-1 then you will not be able to deploy your project.
The TIBCO recommended encoding to use is UTF-8. But in case you made the mistake of not using UTF-8 (either in your project or in TIBCO Administrator) then you will need to change the encoding.

To change project encoding:
– Click on the root project folder.
– In the configuration panel you will see three tabs [Configuration, Project Settings and Design Time Libraries].
– Click on Project Settings where you will find a drop down titled ‘TIBCO Messagin Encoding’ with two values: ISO8859-1 and UTF-8.
– Select UTF-8 and click Apply and then save your project.

To change it for the TIBCO Administrator:
– Locate the tibcoadmin_.tra file. It should be in: \administrator\domain\\bin
– Open this file in a text-editor and locate the entry ‘tibcoadmin.client.encoding’ and ‘repo.encoding’.
– Change them both to UTF-8 if they are not UTF-8.
– Save the file.
– Restart both the Hawk Agent and the TIBCO Administrator service on the machine.

If the Administrator fails to deploy a UTF-8 encoded project after making the changes above and in the log you see a ‘com.tibco.infra.repository.OperationFailedException: Can not change encoding from ISO8859-1 to UTF-8 because of other existing connection with different encoding’ exception try and restart your Hawk Agent and any other TIBCO related service.

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